Amelioration of Cyclophosphamide Induced Immunosupression by the Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Gymnema Sylvestre Leaves in Albino Rats
Padmaja Priyadarshini Kar1, Bandana Rath1, Y. Roja Ramani2 and C. S. Maharana1

1Department of Pharmacology, MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Odisha.

2Department of Pharmacology, SLN Medical College, Koraput, Odisha.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: Cyclophosphamide (CP), the most commonly used anti-neoplastic agent causes immunosuppression and toxic effects on various organs that are the limiting factors of cancer treatment. It can be hypothesized that addition of new immunopotentiating agents with detoxification properties would have beneficial role in cancer therapy. Many researchers have proved that, if certain plant products are combined with cancer chemotherapeutic agents, reduce toxicities and improve tumour response. In Ayurveda, Gymnema sylvestre  is commonly used for diabetes, obesity and asthma. Also it possesses anti-inflammatory, astringent and digestive properties. Reports on the immunostimulatory activity of Gymnema sylvestre leaves are available from some in vitro and in vivo experiments. With this background the present study was undertaken to evaluate the potential beneficial role of hydro-alcoholic extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves (GSE) on cyclophosphamide induced immunnosupression in rats. In this experiment, five groups (n=6 in each) of wistar albino rats were randomly divided to receive drugs and vehicle orally for 21 days. Gr I and II received vehicle. Gr III, IV and V were administered with Levamisole 50 mg/kg, GSE 25mg/kg and GSE 50 mg/kg respectively. Except Gr I rats, all rats were injected intraperitoneally with Cyclophosphamide (100mg/kg) on day 9th and 16th of drug treatment. The effects on various organ weights, rise in Haemagglutination titre to Sheep RBC Antigen, delayed type of hypersensitivity (DTH) response to Sheep RBC, percentage of neutrophil adhesion to nylon fibre and phagocytic index from carbon clearance test were evaluated. Humoral and cellular immunity were measured from HA titre and DTH response respectively. It has been observed that, GSE 50 mg/kg significantly increased the antibody titre, percentage neutrophil adhesion and phagocytic index in CP induced immunosuppressed rats. It also restored the CP induced changes in organ weights and the DTH response at 24 and 48 hours of antigen challenge. But these effects were not comparable to that of Levamisole. Our study shows that Gymnema sylvestre reduced the CP induced immunotoxicities and therefore, it could be a safe supplement to cyclophosphamide chemotherapy.

Keywords: Albino Rats; Cyclophosphamide; Gymnem Sylvestre; Immunomodulation

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