Respiratory Symptoms, Knowledge and Attitude Among Male Smoker Students in Mutah University, Jordan
Nedal Alnawaiseh1, Arwa Rawashdeh2, Samar Salahat3 and Salma Ajarmeh4

1Departement of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan.

2Departement of Physiology and Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan.

3Departement of nursery, Faculty of Karak College, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan.

4Departement of pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Mutah University, Jordan.

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Abstract: Smoking phenomenon has become one of the leading public health burdens. Smoking prevalence among university students in Jordan was unexpectedly elevated, with a lot of serious respiratory consequences like respiratory symptoms, diseases and lung function impairment. The chief purpose of this study was to assess the adverse respiratory health impact of smoking, also to evaluate student’s attitudes toward and knowledge about smoking habit among Mutah university male students. A cross sectional design was chosen. Using a randomly selected, cluster sampling technique at Mutah University students including all colleges and levels, the total participants were 204 male students (Jordanian). A per-designed questionnaire was used to collect information adopted from Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), and anthropometrics measurements and lung function indices following the standard recommendations (ATS). Health indicators were calculated. Data were analyzed using SPSS (ver.22). A higher, shocking prevalence was identified (71%); adverse respiratory health effects were noticed, in addition to pulmonary function tests impairments, other important findings were poor knowledge of the study participants about smoking hazards, and positive attitude toward smoking. The smoking rate among male university students was very high; nevertheless most of them have short duration of smoking the respiratory health impact was noticed. Most of current smokers (male students) have the desire to quit smoking. Antismoking campaign was highly recommended among Jordanian university students In order to encourage a smoking free life style, additionally leisure time activities should be incorporated.

Keywords: Attitude; Jordan; Knowledge; Respiratory; Smoking; University Students

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