Design of Smart Shopping Enabler for Visually Challenged People
S. Keerthana, S. Ainul Inaya and S. Abarna

Department of ECE, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi.

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Abstract: India has changed the four decade old definition of blindness as “A person who is unable to count the fingers at a distance of 3 meters rather than the earlier count of 6 meters”. This is to reduce the count of blind people in India and to bring in line with the criteria of world health organization (WHO). By this the population count of blind people will be reduced from 1.20 crore to 80 lakh. This great population not only in India but also many countries faces a major challenge i.e shopping independently. They aspire for an independent life. They have to depend on others for buying the products they are in need of. Our project aims at facilitating the visually impaired customers to identify the products in the supermarket, guiding the customers to navigate through all the sections and to automate billing. The user need not stand in long queue for billing the items bought. This eliminates assistance and provides a friendly shopping environment to the customers.

Keywords: Automatic Billing; SD Card; RFID Tags and Readers; RF Transceivers; Zigbee

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