Synthesis, Physicochemical, Spectral and Pharmacological Studies of Silver Complex of Glibenclamide, An Oral Antidiabetic Drug
Sibi Jose¹ and S. A. Iqbal²*

¹Department of Chemistry, Sadhu Vaswani College, Bairagarh, Bhopal - 462 001 (India). ²Crescent College of Technology, Nabi Bagh, Opposite bmhrc Bhopal - 462 038 (India).

Abstract: Glibenclamide is a current, potent hypoglycemic agent used in NIDDM (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Metal complexes of glibenclamide has been synthesised by reaction with silver (I) in the form of its nitrate. The conductometric titration using monovariation method indicates that complex is non-ionic and ML type which was further confirmed by job’s method of continuous variation as modified by Turner and Anderson. Analytical data agrees with the molecular formula C23H28ClN3O5S.Ag. Structure of the complex was assigened as linear in which ligand molecules lies horizontally joining the central silver atom. Infrared spectral, NMR and molar conductance data confirm the co-ordination of sulphonyl oxygen on one side and enolic oxygen attached from other side with the metal ion. Structure assigned to the complex is supported by analytical data and IR spectra.

Keywords: Synthesis; antidiabetics; glibenclamide; IR spectra

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