Composition of the Blood and Reflection of the Health State of Human Body
Alexander Poletaev

Federal Research and Clinical Center for Reanimatology and Rehabilitation; MRC Immunculus - Biomarker Group, Moscow, Russia.

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Abstract: Blood (blood plasma) is a special all-pervading substance, functionally co-tuning all organs, tissues and cells of the body. To some extent blood is similar to the Ether of the ancients. In addition to performing house-keeping functions, blood is a medium for the transfer of huge amounts of information, which is continuously exchanged between all the compartments and structures of the macro-organism and its microbiome. This information is transmitted mostly in the form of chemical signals (peptides, micro-RNA, extracellular DNA, the products of the microbiome, antibodies, etc.), the totality of which controls lots of biological processes. Blood is not only a controlling, but also a reflecting environment: dynamic changes in the composition of this environment carry information about the smallest changes in the state of individual populations of cells, tissues, organs and the body as a whole. The prospects of practical using of information about the state of the organism, transmitted by blood and reflected in individual’s serum immunoreactivity profiles are analyzed.

Keywords: Autoantibodies; Blood Plasma; Disease Markers; Micro-RNA; Peptides; Preventive Medicine

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