A Comparative Study on Viability of Mcf-7 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines Using Piperine and Tamoxifen – An In Vitro Study with A Novel Mishmash
Thulasi Gokul, Anusha D and Darling Chellathai David

Department of Pharmacology, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Porur, 600116, Chennai, India.

Corresponding Author E-mail: drdanusha@gmail.com

Abstract: This breast cancer is the one which is common in people across the country with mortality incidence ratio of 66 in rural and 8 in urban according to statistics in India. Breast cancer can be cured once it is diagnosed appropriately and when treatment is started at right time with right drug in proper dosage. But chemotherapy itself have many adverse events, to come over these problems, we can always have a help of natural products in hand like Piperine for the safety in future. To evaluate Anti-Cancer activity of Piperine and Tamoxifen and in both as Combination on the MCF 7 human breast cancer cell lines. Breast cancer cells (MCF) have been treated with piperine and incubated at 37 c, the drug samples are added and incubated for 3 hours then followed by MTT dye is added and incubated.1 ml of dimethyl sulfoxide is added and incubated. Absorbance at 537nm was measured with UV spectrophotometer using DMSO as the blank. Then IC50 was determined in graphical representation according to percentage of cell viability and concentration of sample. The anti-cancer effect of Piperine and Tamoxifen and in Combination, when treated with MCF 7 human breast cancer cell lines, starting from minimum to maximum dose concentration (μg/ml), the percentage of cell viability is 51.49 at the dose of 62.5 μg/ml, 51.09 at 125 μg/ml, 52 at the dose of 32.5 for Piperine, tamoxifen and combination respectively. From this study, the drug Piperine on combining with Tamoxifen have significant anti-cancer activity, which would probably play a role as cytotoxic agent in tumour cells.

Keywords: Breast Cancer; Cytotoxic Activity; Oestrogen Receptor Antagonist

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