Influence of Silver Nanoparticles on the Specific Properties of Acrylic Resin for Ocular Prosthesis
Maha M. Turki and Faiza M. Abdul-Ameer  

Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad.

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Abstract: Scleral acrylic resin is widely used to synthesize ocular prosthesis. However, the properties of this material change over time, thus requiring the prosthesis to be refabricated. Many studies were conducted to improve these properties by reinforcing this material with nanoparticles. This study aims to evaluate the effect of silver nanoparticle powder on the mechanical properties (transverse flexural strength, impact strength, shear bond strength, surface microhardness, and surface roughness) of scleral acrylic resin used for ocular prostheses. Two concentrations were selected from the pilot study and evaluated for their effects on scleral acrylic resin properties. According to the pilot study, 0.01 and 0.02wt% AgNPs powder improved the transverse flexural strength, microhardness, and surface roughness compared with other percentages. The specimens in the main study were divided into (3) main groups, (50) specimens without additives (control group A), (50) experimental specimens (with 0.01wt% AgNPs group B), and (50) experimental specimens (with 0.02 wt% AgNPs group C). Each group was subdivided into (5) equal subgroups depending on the tests used. The data were studied using one way ANOVA and post hoc LSD test. At 0.01 wt% AgNPs addition, the mean values of transverse flexural strength insignificantly increased (p> 0.05), and those of impact strength and shear bond strength significantly increased (p< 0.05) compared with those of the control group. At 0.02 wt% AgNPs addition (group C), the mean value of transverse flexural strength significantly increased (p< 0.05), that of impact strength insignificantly increased (p> 0.05), and that of shear bond strength increased with high significance (p< 0.01) compared with those of the control group. Group C showed insignificant increase in the mean values of transverse flexural strength, impact strength, and shear bond strength (p. 0.05) compared with group B. The scleral acrylic resin added with 0.01 and 0.02 wt% AgNPs showed insignificant increase in microhardness and insignificant decrease in surface roughness. The addition of AgNPs powder in both concentrations improved the mechanical properties of scleral acrylic resin used for ocular prostheses.

Keywords: Modified Curing Protocol; Ocular Prosthesis; Silver Nanoparticles; Scleral Acrylic Resin

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