The Contents of Phenol and Flavonoid Compounds in Water Extract of Gyrinops Versteegii Leaves Have Potentially as Natural Antioxidants and Hypoglicemic in Hyperglycemic Wistar Rats
Adi Parwata1, Laksmiwati1, Sudiarta1, Dina M. N1 and Sutirta Yasa2

1Department of Chemistry, Faculty Mathematics and Natural  Science.

2Fakulty of Medical Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali Indonesia.

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Abstract: Phenols and flavonoids compounds in their activities as antioxidants can reduce blood glucose levels (hypoglycemic) through a mechanism to inhibit cell damage at pancreatic Langerhans gland, inhibit glucose absorption in the intestine and cell resistance to insulin. Preliminary analysis shows that total phenol and flavonoid  contens is  2099,5025 mg GAE / 100 g, and 8133,322 mg QE / 100 gram,  Antioxidant capacity with IC50 = 12.58 mg / mL. LD50 = 6,355,3536 gram. This results revealad  that the water extract of Gyrinops versteegii leaves can be developed as an alternative to natural antioxidant, safe for consumption and can reduce blood glucose in hyperglycemic Wistar rats. The results of the measurement of the effect of decreasing blood glucose content showed  that the water extract of Gyrinops versteegii  leaves at doses of 100, 200 and 400 mg / kgBW significantly (p <0.01) could reduce blood glucose contents  in hyperglycemic Wistar rats. The activity of reducing blood glucose levels (hypoglycemic) with oral doses of water extract of Gyrinops versteegii leaves was 100,200 and 400 mg / kgBW was 53.6% (53.6 ± 5.8), 58.9% (58.9 ± 8.6 ) and 75.8% (75.8 ± 1.3). High contents of phenol and flavonoids allegedly a factor that causes water extract of Gyrinops versteegii leaves to reduce blood glucose levels in hyperglycemic Wistar rats.

Keywords: Flavonoids Allegedly; Gyrinops Versteegii; Hyperglycemic

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