The Potency of Flavonoid Compounds in water Extract Gyrinops versteegii Leaves as Natural Antioxidants Sources
Adi Parwata1, Putra Manuaba2 and Sutirta Yasa3

1,2Department of Chemistry, Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

3Fakulty of Medical, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia.

Coresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: Flavonoids can provide antioxidant effects by preventing the formation of ROS, directly capture ROS, protect lipophilic antioxidants and stimulate the increase of enzymatic antioxidants. Flavonoids are phenolic compounds that are widely found in medicinal plants, one of which is Gyrinops versteegii leaves. In this research  to determine the potential of flavonoids in water extract Gyrinop versteegii as one source of natural antioxidants was investigated. This research begins with maceration of Gyrinops versteegii leaves with some solvents such as ethyl acetate, ethanol, methanol and water. Each of the extracts obtained measured the total content of Phenol. The extract, which had the highest total phenol content, measured the total flavonoid content and antioxidant capacity. The active extract as antioxidant was further isolated and identified its flavonoid content. Flavonoids obtained measured antioxidant capacity in vitro. Total phenol (mg GAE/100 g) of ethyl acetate extract = 443, ethanol extract =1.510, methanol extract = 6.069 and water extract = 14.979,  total flavonoid contens = 2298, 977 mg QE/100 gram, containing phenol, flavonoid, tannin, alkaloid and steroid compounds. Antioxidant capacity with IC50 = 3,45 ppm (5 min.) and 3,05 (60 min.). Identification of isolates with UV-Vis spectroscopy showed 2 absorption bands namely band I at 352 nm and band II at 256 nm. Addition of AlCl3 / HCl shear reagent showed band I undergoing a 2 nm batochromic shift. These results indicate that the resulting flavonoid is suspected to be a flavonoid group of flavonol substituted -OH group at C-5 or 5-hydroxy-flavonol. and its antioxidant capacity or IC50 = 17,14 ppm. These results indicate that the isolated flavonoid has very strong antioxidant activity and is potentially developed as a natural antioxidant.

Keywords: Capacity Antioxidant; Gyrinops Versteegii; Total Phenol and Flavonoid

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