Medical Image Fusion: A Brief Introduction
Ayush Dogra, Bhawna Goyal and Sunil Agrawal

UIET, Panjab University Chandigarh, India.

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Abstract: Digital images are an extremely powerful and widely used medium of communication. They are able to represent very intricate details about the world that surrounds us in a very easy, compact and readily available manner. Due to the innate advances in the acquisition devices such as bio-sensors and remote sensors, huge amount of data is accessible for the further processing and information extraction. The need to efficiently process this immense amount of information has given rise to the emergence of the popular disciplines like image processing, image analysis, and computer vision and image fusion. This article gives a brief insight into basic understanding and significance of image fusion.

Keywords: Digital Subtraction Angiography; Image Fusion; Medical Modalities; Multi-Sensor; Pixel-Level

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