Inhibition of Alpha Amylase and Alpha Glycosidase Enzymes by Various Earth Worm Extracts
M. Amin Mir1, Shalini Upadhay1 and Bilal Ahmad Mir2

1Department of Chemistry Uttaranchal University, Premnagar, Dehradun.

2Uttaranchal (PG) College of Biomedical Sciences and Hospital Dehradun.

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Abstract: The earth worm extracts have been analysed for the inhibition of alpha amylase and alpha glycosidase enzymes, which are the key enzymes for the control of glucose in the human system so have direct impact upon the health of an organism. These two enzymes have direct involvement in the diabetic process. So the inhibition of these two enzymes helps in the reduction of diabetes. Various extracts of the earth worms, viz, Ethyl acetate, Acetone, DMSO, Ethanol and Water have been analysed against the inhibition of the respective enzymes. Among the various extracts it had been found that water extract posses the highest inhibition potential followed by ethanol extract. The DMSO, Acetone posses the inhibition potential in between water extract and the Ethyl acetate extract. So it could be concluded that polar solvents posses high inhibition potential than the lesser polar solvents, which could be due the polar extracted compounds from the concerned extract of earth. Diabetes mellitus is spreading at an alarming rate in the world and three fourth of the world population is being getting effected by the disease in reference, which leads to major cause of high economic loss in the development of nations. The uncontrolled diabetes leads to many chronic complications like blindness, heart issues, and renal failure, etc. Therapies have been developed along with the principles of western medicine (allopathic) which often have limited efficacy, which carry the risk of adverse effects, and are often too costly, especially for the developing countries. But the research in reference is the first research in the world in which it had been shown that earth worm extracts can be used as anti-diabetic medicines. Other properties of earth worms, like antimicrobial anti-inflammatory etc are known already but the anti-diabetic effect has been analysed first time in the world.

Keywords: Alpha-Amylase; Alpha Glycosidase; Antidiabetic; Earth Worms; Plant Extracts

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