Estimation of Spectral Entropy of HRV Data and its Application to Depression and Thyroid Subjects to Predict Cardiac Risk
C. H. Renu Madhavi  

Department of Instrumentation Technology Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering, Bangalore-59, India.

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Abstract: Heart Rate variability (HRV) analysis using nonlinear techniques is very much useful to estimate the status of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) non invasively. In this paper ANS status is estimated using nonlinear Spectral Entropy (SE) technique for both Healthy, Depression and Thyroid subjects. HRV data of Thyroid , Depression and healthy subjects is derived from Power lab Instrument with sampling frequency of 500Hz.Three observations are made based on the estimated values of SE. First observation is that SE values of Thyroid and depression subjects is lower compared to Healthy subjects SE values. Second observation made is that among Thyroid and Depression subjects SE values are found to be the lowest for Thyroid subjects compared to Depression subjects. Third observation made is that the SE values of CHF and AF subjects is lower than Thyroid and depression subjects. From the three observations made lower values of SE indicates the existence of ANS dysfunction for AF,CHF, thyroid and depression subjects Further it indicates that these subjects are at higher risk of cardiac dysfunction as compared to CHF and AF subjects leading to mortality. From the results obtained it may be concluded that among the Thyroid and Depression subjects Thyroid subjects indicate higher ANS dysfunction indicating Thyroid subjects are at higher risk of cardiac dysfunction..These findings are in agreement with the medical findings available in the literature.

Keywords: Depression; Hear Rate Variability; HRV Analysis, Spectral Entropy; Thyroid

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