Automated Skin Disease Identification using Deep Learning Algorithm
Sourav Kumar Patnaik, Mansher Singh Sidhu, Yaagyanika Gehlot, Bhairvi Sharma and P. Muthu

Department of Biomedical Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Abstract: Dermatological disorders are one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Despite being common its diagnosis is extremely difficult because of its complexities of skin tone, color, presence of hair. This paper provides an approach to use various computer vision based techniques (deep learning) to automatically predict the various kinds of skin diseases. The system uses three publicly available image recognition architectures namely Inception V3, Inception Resnet V2, Mobile Net with modifications for skin disease application and successfully predicts the skin disease based on maximum voting from the three networks. These models are pretrained to recognize images upto 1000 classes like panda, parrot etc. The architectures are published by image recognition giants for public usage for various applications. The system consists of three phases- The feature extraction phase, the training phase and the testing /validation phase. The system makes use of deep learning technology to train itself with the various skin images. The main objective of this system is to achieve maximum accuracy of skin disease prediction.

Keywords: Computer Vision; Deep Learning; Image Recognition; Learning Algorithms; Skin Disease

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