Biomedical Waste Management: A Study on Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Among Health Care Professionals in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Divya Rao1, M. R. Dhakshaini2, Ameet Kurthukoti3 and Vidya G. Doddawad4

1Department of Health System Management Studies, JSS University, Mysuru.

2Department of Prosthodontics, Vice Principal, JSS Dental College, JSS University, Mysuru.

3Dental Health Officer, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka.

4Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, JSS Dental College, JSS University, Mysuru.

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Abstract: Biomedical waste (BMW) generated in our nation on a day to day basis is immense and contains infectious and hazardous materials.  It is crucial on the part of the employees to know the hazards of the biomedical waste in the work environment and make its disposition effective and in a scientific manner. It is critical that the different professionals engaged in the healthcare sector have adequate Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) with respect to biomedical waste management. Many studies across the country have shown that there are still deficiencies in the KAP of the employees in the organizations and hence it is necessary to make the appraisal of the same. To ascertain the levels of and the expanse of gaps in knowledge, attitudes and practices among doctors, post graduates, staff nurses, laboratory technicians and house-keeping staffs in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Mysuru, Karnataka. A cross sectional study was carried out using questionnaire as the study tool among the health care professionals in a tertiary care teaching hospital. The study demonstrated gaps in the knowledge amongst all the cadres of the study respondents. The knowledge in relation to BMW Management including the hospital BMW protocols was more desirable among doctors, but practical facets were better in nurses and the lab technicians. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice amongst the different cadres of staff members were found to be significant statistically.

Keywords: Attitude; Biomedical Waste; Healthcare personnel; Knowledge; Practice

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