Electrospun Ocimum Sanctum Loaded Fibres with Potential Biomedical Applications – Periodontal Therapeutic Perspective
Priyanka Mariam George and Sheeja S Varghese

Saveetha dental College, Saveetha University, Tamil Nadu 600077, India.

Corresponding Author E-mail: priyankageorge90@gmail.com

Abstract: Electro spinning is a technique that is simple, unique, cost effective and versatile. The nanofibers obtained are to be non woven with high tunable porosity and a large surface area. The parameters decide the morphology of the resultant fibers, such as tip to collector distance, viscosity of the solution, diameter of the needle. By controlling or tuning the parameters it is possible to obtain or fabricate fibers for the desired function. To establish ideal spinning parameters so as to formulate a nanoscale resorbable system for local periodontal therapy based on electro spinning of Ocimum sanctum(Tulsi) loaded resorbable Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) fibers. Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi) extract prepared was incorporated by electro spinning (HOLAMRC’S HO-SPLF4) into Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) at different concentrations (1-20%w/w). Electrospinning was performed at different paremeters: applied voltage of 13,15,20,55Kv.Tip- to- collector distance was set at 12, 22, 16-18.5cm .solution flow rate was  500µl/hr0.8ml/hr,1ml/hr,1.5ml/hr, tip diameter was 12mm,22m,0.91mm,.4mm. volume of the solutions were  2.5, 1ml,  duration was of 5 or 3 hours. The fibers obtained were subjected to SEM analysis. Electro spinning of 10% concentration tulsi done under the following conditions resulted in formation of uniform and beadless fibers. Applied voltage of 13kV, tip- to- collector distance at 12cm, solution flow rate of 500µl/hr, tip diameter of 12mm, volume of 2.5ml and duration of 5hrs. SEM images revealed that the textures of all resultant samples were homogenous and free of heterogeneities or artefacts’ The study revealed that Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi) 10wt% incorporated into PVA can be electrospun into nonfibers at an applied voltage of 13kV, tip- to- collector distance of 12cm, solution flow rate at 500µl/hr, and a tip diameter of 12mm.

Keywords: Electro Spinning; local Drug Delivery; Ocimum Sanctum; Periodontitis; PVA; Resorbable Fibers

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