A Curvature-Norm Based Centroid Initialized Distance Regularized Level Sets for Nuclear Segmentation in Histopathological Images
P. M. Shivamurthy1, T.N. Nagabhushan1 and Vijaya Basavaraj2

1Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru.

2JSS Medical College and Hospital, Mysuru.

Corresponding Author E-mail: pmshiva@sjce.ac.in

Abstract: Nuclear pleomorphism is considered to be one of the most significant shape based feature adapted in grading the cancer through the pathological studies of the H&E stained tissue slides. Microscopic study of manually extracting the feature is highly laborious and misleads the pathologists during grading. Digitization of the slides has given rise to various segmentation approaches to extract the nuclei shape to assess the degree of pleomorphism. Here, a novel approach of initializing and evolving the distance regularized level sets (DRLS) for the detection and segmentation of the nuclei has been presented. In this work, two major objectives have been achieved. First, a novel geometric approach has been devised for the detection of centroids of each nuclei in the occluded region and second, a shape prior model has been presented for the extraction of gradient information through morphological operations. The multiple level set implementation of the DRLS contours are initialized using the centroids detected and driven through the gradient computed. The proposed method has been experimented over the images of benign and malignant breast cancer tissue obtained from BeakHis dataset. A quantitative analysis of the results have shown that a 97% of object detection accuracy and 78% of overlap resolution has been achieved through the proposed model. A comparative study with that of geodesic active contours have indicated an improvement in the segmentation accuracy measure of 9-10 pixel difference.

Keywords: Curvature-Norm; Geometric Centroid; Nuclear Pleomorphism; Shape-prior Model

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