ORetinex-DI: Pre-processing Algorithms for Melanoma Image Enhancement
Reshma M1 and Priestly B. Shan2

1UBDTCE, Davangere and Research Scholar, ECE Dept,Sathyabama University, Chennai, India.

2Eranad Knowledge City-Technical Campus,Manjeri, Kerala, India.

Corresponding Author E-mail: reshma.m03@gmail.com

Abstract: In Medical imaging, the dermoscopic images analysis is quite useful for the skin cancer detection. The automatic computer assisted diagnostic systems (CADS) require dermoscopic image enhancement for human perception and analysis. The traditional image enhancements methods lack the synchronization among contrast perception between human and the digital images. This paper proposes an optimized-Retinex (ORetinex) image enhancement algorithm to remove light effects, which is quite suitable for the dermoscopic image for clinical analysis for Melanoma. The value of global contrast factor (GCF) and contrast per pixel (CPP) is computed and compared with the traditional methods of image enhancements including contrast enhancement, CLAHE,Adaptive histogram equalization, Bilinear filtering and the proportion of GCF and CPP is found quite optimal as compare to these traditional methods.

Keywords: Dermoscopic Images; Image Enhancement; Medical Imaging;  Melanoma

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