The Effect of Mechanical Vibration on Human Sperm Activity In Vitro
Ghassan Thabet Saeed1, Khalid Suhail A. Al-Azzawi2 and Hydar Saadi Hassan Al-Wasti1

1Physiology Department, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.

2Biotechnology Research Center, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad-Iraq.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: It is well known that sperm is a unique cell in that it has a function to be done by itself outside the body and this function is essential for species' continuity thus sperm by its power and intact structure has to reach the ova and perform the fertilization and this journey is affected by the chemical and physical factors that might increase or decrease its ability to move or fertilize or even to survive. The aim of this study  is to find the effect of vibration that is a vigorous movement with high frequency for 20min on whole seminal fluid samples as an external physical factor. 40 fresh seminal fluid samples were selected. 1ml of each semen samples was placed in the bottom of conical tube; the tube was exposure to vibration waves by using  a special shaker designed for this purpose for 20 min. This shaker consist of a M540 DC motor equipped with PWM controller to control the rotational speed from 5-2400 rpm. Semen analysis was done before and after subject vibration. A significant increase (P<0.05) was found in percentage of sperm active directed motility (grade A) with a non-significant increase in sluggish motility and a non-significant decrease in percentage of immotile sperms percentage. No significant changes were founded regarded sperm morphology and count. It was concluded that vibrating seminal sample for 20min increases the overall sperms activity with significant increase in percentage of highly active directed sperms.

Keywords: Sperm Activation In Vitro; Sperm Motility; Vibration

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