Fluoride Toxicity in Rabbits and The Role of Calcium in Prevention of Fluoride Toxicity
Priyadarshini Choudhury1, N. Gnanasundaram2 and Atul Anand Bajoria3  

1Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology deemed to be University.

2Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute.

3Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology deemed to be University.

Corresponding Author E-mail: priyajuly14@gmail.com

Abstract: Endemic fluorosis is a disease of toxic manifestation of fluoride affecting teeth, bone and other soft tissue structure. Literature reviews voluminous knowledge of dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis but dearth of knowledge is available regarding non-skeletal fluorosis. The aim of this research is to establish the magnitude of toxic problems of dental, skeletal and non-skeletal fluorosis and whether calcium reduces the fluoride toxicity. Methodology: A total of eight colony bred rabbits (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) were divided into three groups; group I – control group, group II – rabbits treated with 10mg/kg body wt of sodium fluoride and group III – rabbits treated with 10 mg/kg body wt of sodium fluoride and 250 mg of calcium. Histopathological study of tooth revealed core tissue with central capillaries which were calcified and outer enamel showed concentric deposits of calcium in the form of ring like bluish and black granules. Bone in fluoride fed animal showed amorphous, sprinkling of blackish blue granular deposits with in the osteoids, occupied 20-0% of bone area. The liver tissue of animals fed with 10mg/kg body wt showed periportal inflammation with lymphocytic infiltration, ballooning degeneration with lysosomal granules in cytoplasmic cells. In this research, it is found that mere fluoride ingestion causes bone changes, tooth changes and liver changes but ingestion of fluoride 10mg/kg body weight and 250 mg of calcium do not produce any change in the tissues. This shows that calcium is beneficial and nullifies the action of fluoride.

Keywords: Fluoride; Rabbits; Calcium and Dental Fluorosis

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