Medical Health Care Provider’s Attitude and Knowledge of Association Between Oral Health and Pregnancy Outcomes
Manikandan S and Sasidharan Sivakumar

Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital, Pallikaranai, Chennai-600 100.

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Abstract: The aim of this study were to examine the level of awareness of common oral diseases during pregnancy and its impact over pregnancy outcomes and the importance of oral health among medical health care providers among Chennai, India. This study was a cross sectional, self administered questionnaire survey which was done among 150 medical health care providers of Chennai, India. The questionnaire assessed the knowledge of medical healthcare providers on importance of oral health and pregnancy outcomes. The results of the study showed moderate awareness of medical health care provider’s on importance oral health and its relationship with the pregnancy outcomes. From this study it is evident that 82% of medical health care provider’s advise for dental visit during pregnancy. The information that is gleaned from this study demonstrate the knowledge of medical health care provider’s on oral health and pregnancy and it is also necessary to be updated with time and get actively involved in advising the pregnant patient to have oral health to have a good time during pregnancy.

Keywords: Cross Sectional Study; Oral Health During Pregnancy

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