An Update of Sperm Preparation : A Review of Supplementation Substances to Improve Sperm Quality
Silvia W Lestari1,4, Sarah H. Lestari2 and Ria Margiana3,4

1Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.

2Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.

3Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.

4The Indonesian Reproductive Medicine Research and Training Center, Ina-Repromed.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: One etiology of the unsuccesful intra uterine insemination (IUI) is sperm preparation. There are some limitations of sperm preparation utilization which may decrease fertilization rates leading to IUI failure. Nevertheless, there are some substances which suggested could improve the outcome of sperm preparation. This review aimed to summarize the substances that could improve the sperm quality, thus increasing success rate of IUI, as an update of sperm preparation. Several researches which have developed agreed that the supplementation of antioxidant, hormone and drugs could improve the quality of sperm. The addition of dithiothreitol and superoxide dismutase during centrifugation could prevent some harmful effects such as membrane plasma disruption caused by lipid peroxidation process. The supplementation of myoinositol before and after capacitation increased total and progressive motile sperm significantly. Astaxanthin decreased the generation of ROS in sperm. Furthermore, LH could increased intracellular Ca2+ as a second messenger of signal transduction pathways during sperm capacitation, whereas prolactine prolonged human sperm motility and prevent caspase activation. In addition, the supplementation of pentoxifylline could enhance the motility of post-thaw sperm and its longevity in vitro.

Keywords: Sperm Preparation; Substances Supplementation; Sperm Quality

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