Prevalence of Permanent Anterior Teeth Trauma in Children Between 8-12 Years in Urban and Rural Districts in Rohtak, Haryana, India
Suganthi Saraswathi1 and R. Pradeep Kumar2

1Department of Pedodonticsm, Tamil Nadu Government Dental College, Chennai The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR University, India.

2Department of Public Health Dentistry Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Saveetha University, India.

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Abstract: Trauma to the oral region occurs frequently and comprises of 5% of all injuries for which people seek treatment. The aims and objectives of this study is to assess and record the prevalence of traumatic injuries to the permanent dentition in 8-12 year children in urban and rural areas of district Rohtak and to ascertain the percentage of children seeking treatment. Out of 2000 school children, 323 children had suffered injury to permanent anterior teeth. The overall prevalence of traumatic dental injuries of permanent anterior teeth in Rohtak was observed to be 16.1%. A significant  gender influence on the  occurrence of trauma was observed with more boys (18.4%) than  girls (13.6%). This study showed that majority (97.3%) of children with dental trauma remained untreated as only 9 children had undergone treatment among 323 children who suffered dental trauma. Dental injuries are preventable and preventive and promotive programmers should be encouraged to reduce the prevalence of dental injuries in children. Public Health Education regarding the epidemiology of dental injuries and its prevention through health promotion may play a major role in reducing the prevalence of traumatic dental injury and avoiding the cost of  treatment in developing countries.

Keywords: Prevalence; Anterior Teeth; Dental; Trauma; Rohtak; Haryana

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