Wavelet Packet Entropy Based Control of Myoelectric Prosthesis
Nisheena V. Iqbal, Kamalraj Subramaniam and Shaniba Asmi P.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Karpagam university, Coimbatore  India.

Corresponding Author  E-mail: nisheenasaigil@gmail.com

Abstract: This paper evaluates the use of wavelet packet entropy to classify upper limb motions using myoelectric signals(MES). Being non-stationary, suitable analysis is essential for myoelectric signals recorded at varying force levels.  In this paper, different entropy measures calculated from wavelet packet transform coefficients, termed as wavelet packet entropies (WPE) are compared with power spectral entropy and permutation entropy in terms of their performance in myoelectric prosthetic control. The system was trained using MES corresponding to six upper limb movements at three different force levels. WPE feature was found to exhibit better classification accuracy compared to other entropy features. Among the WPE features log-energy WPE outperformed the other four WPE features; while a combination of log-energy and sure WPE yielded the best classification accuracy when used with a simple linear discriminant analysis(LDA) classifier for medium force level testing.

Keywords: Analysis  linear Discriminant;Myoelectric; WPE;

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