Effects of Caffeine Againts Expression on Mir-423-3p in Cell Lines Hep-G2
Asep Sukohar1, Hening Herawati2, Hendra T. Sibero3, Setiawan Gigih4, Risti Graharti4, Wahyudo Riyan4 and Morfi Chicy Widya4

1Department of Pharmacology and Therapy Medical Faculty of Lampung University, Lampung 35145, Indonesia.

2Department of Research and Development, Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta 11420, Indonesia.

3Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Lampung University, Lampung 35145, Indonesia.

4Faculty of Medicine, Lampung University, Lampung 35145, Indonesia.

Corresponding Author E-mail: graharti@yahoo.com

Abstract: The development of anticancer drugs from nature’s ingredients are very attracted for world researchers. Caffeine contained in coffee has long been scrutinized as anticancer hepar, in vitro researched on hepatocelluler cancer cell (HCC) and rats. HCC is one of five vicious cancers in the world, requiring better management and early detection. Micro RNA (mir)  is a nucleotide composing 19-20 pairs of bases that can be used as diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive or early detection of cancer. We have examined the expression of miRNA 146 A, mir-103, 423-3p, 16, 21, and in this study, we focus on the mir-423-3p which are treated with 0.5 mM caffeine. The purpose of this research was to assess the influence of caffeine 0.5 mM against Hep-G2 cells by assessing expression of mir-423-3p. The study was carried out using invitro cell Hep-G2, with 30 groups of sample consist of 15 sample controls and 15 samples treated 0.5 mM caffeine, using qPCR CFX-96 type and expression of mir-423-3p analyzed by the Livaks method. Expression of mir-423-3p examined at 0, 2, 8, 18 and 24. There is a variation in the expression of mir-423-3p from 0 hours to 24 hours after treating caffeine 0.5 mM. Expression of mir-423-3p is lowest in 8 and 18 hours after treating caffeine 0.5 mM (0.11), the highest expression is at 0 hours(0.26) and 24th hour (0.17). Caffeine decreased expression of mir-423-3p.

Keywords: Caffeine; Expression of mir-423-3p; Hep-G2

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