Identification of Tannerella Forsythia and Treponema Denticola in Down Syndrome Subjects and Healthy Subjects with Periodontal Disease- A PCR Study
A. Nizar Ahmed1, Ramakrishnan2 and Dj. Victor3  

1Faculty of Dental sciences Sri Ramachandran university Porur Chennai.

2Adhiparashakthi Dental College and hospital Melmaruvathur.

3Srm Dental college and hospital Ramapuram Chennai.

Abstract: To identify the presence of periodontal pathogens Tannerella Forsythia (T.f) and Treponema Denticola (T.d) in Down syndrome (DS) and systemically healthy subjects with periodontitis. 60 age matched subjects were categorized into three groups; Group I: 20 DS subjects with periodontitis, Group II: 20 Systemically healthy subjects with periodontitis, Group III: 20 Systemically healthy subjects without periodontitis. Plaque samples from all the three groups were collected and analyzed to evaluate the presence of T.f and T.d using Polymerase Chain Reaction. The indices that were used include Oral Hygiene Index Simplified, Community Periodontal Index For Treatment Needs and Plaque index. This study showed a statistically significant detection in the levels of T.f and T.d in DS. There was a statistically significant presence of T.d and T.f in DS subjects compared to systemically healthy periodontitis and controls.

Keywords: Chronic Periodontitis; Down Syndrome;  Oral Hygiene; Subgingivalmicro Flora Taneralla Forsythia; Treponema Denticola;

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