Characteristics Sinusitis of out Patients ENT Clinic in Sanglah Hospital, Period January to December 2014
Sari Wulan Dwi Sutanegara1 and I. B. Siwa Suditha2  

1Doctoral Candidate of Medical faculty, Udayana University SMF/Bagian THT-KL RSUP Sanglah, Denpasar Medical Faculty, Udayana University.

2Medical Faculty Student of Udayana University.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: Sinusitis is a very common disease in Indonesia. Indonesian Health Department in 2003 mentioned that nasal and sinus disease is in 25th of 50 major diseases or about 102,817 outpatients in hospitals. Data from the Division of Rinology of ENT Department of RSCM from January to August 2005 as many as 435 patients or about 69% (300 patients) are sinusitis. Knowing the characteristics of sinusitis patients is very helpful for health professionals in making diagnosis and treatment plan for sinusitis patient. However, epidemiological data concerning sinusitis patients in Bali, especially Denpasar is not yet available. It is because of this background that further attention is needed regarding the characteristics of sinusitis patients in Denpasar, especially at Sanglah Denpasar General Hospital (RSUP) from January to December 2014. Descriptive study with retrospective approach, using medical record data of sinusitis patient who went to THT-KL Hospital Sanglah Hospital from January to December 2014. Total of 106 sinusitis patients from January  to December 2014. Total 106 sinusitis patients in ENT policlinic Sanglah Hospital Denpasar in the period January to December 2014 were included in this study. We divided the patients into 2 groups based on the cause of sinusitis, Rhinogenic (89 patients) and odontogenic (17 patients) while most of  the patients is male as many as 64 patients (60,4%). The most common sinus affected in sinusitis is maxillary sinus as many as 80 patients (75,5%) in rhinogenic sinusitis and as many as 17 patients (16%) in odontogenic sinusitis. The most common onset of sinusitis is chronic in both of the group, as many as 48 patients (45,3%) in rhinogenic and as many as 12 patients (11,3%) in odontogenic. The most common complain of the patient is rhinorea in rhinogenic group as many as 72 patients (80,9%), while all the patient in odontogenic group are complaining of  toothache.

Keywords: Odontogenic Rhinogenic;  Sinusitis;

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