Current Update on Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid
Shamimul Hasan1, Jogender Jangra2 and  Priyadarshini Choudhary3  

1Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Faculty of dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

2Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,Government Dental College, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana, India.

3Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Kalinga Institute of dental sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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Abstract: Mucous membrane pemphigoid is a rare mucocutaneous disorder that has a predilection for the mucous membranes. Oral cavity is the chief site of involvement and desquamative gingivitis is the main presenting manifestation. Other mucous membranes like ocular, nasal, tracheal, laryngeal, pharyngeal and genital mucosa may also be affected. The disorder affects females in the middle age group. Histopathological and immunofluorescent features are highly diagnostic for the disease. Steroids are the mainstay of treatment, along with other immunosuppressive agents. This paper aims to present a recent update on mucous membrane pemphigoid taking in account its etio-pathogenesis, clinical and oral features, diagnostic aids and treatment protocols.

Keywords: Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid; Desquamative Gingivitis; Nikolsky Sign; Corticosteroids

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