Current and Future Orientation of Anatomical and Functional Imaging Modality Fusion
Ayush Dogra, Bhawna Goyal and Sunil Agrawal

UIET,Department of electronics and communications, Panjab University, Chandigarh-160017, India.

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Abstract: The need of image fusion stems from the inherent inability of several imaging modalities to provide the complete diagnostic information about the ailment under study. The radiographic scanning provides a wide range of divergent information. The evolution in the interfacing of the signal analysis theory and technological advancements has made it possible to device highly efficient image fusion techniques. In this manuscript the fundamentals of multisensory image fusion are discussed briefly.  The various key factors related to the future exertion of medical image fusion have also been presented

Keywords: Radiographic Multisensory; Diagnostic; Divergent

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