The Intake of Inocarpus Fagiferus Fosb Stem Bark N-Buthanol Extract Caused the Increase Expression of Sod-2 and Sod-3 Aortic Endhotelial Cells of Hypercholesterolemia Rats
I. Made Sukadana1, Sri Rahayu Santi2 and I. G. K. Arijana2

1Department of Chemistry-Faculty of Science and Maths Udayana University Bali Indonesia.

2Histology Laboratory-Faculty of MedicineUdayana University Bali Indonesia.

Corresponding Author E-mail.

Abstract: This study aimed to evidence the potent antiatherosclerosis of n-buthanol extract Inocarpus fagiferus Fosb stem bark through biomarker  SOD-2 and SOD-3expression aortic endhotelial cell  of wistar rats hypercholesterolemia within 4 months of observation. The n-buthanol concentrate extract was applied to wistar rats for 4 months use to the posttest only control group design. Twenty-five wistar rats were randomized into 5 groups such as P0 (negative control), P1 (positive control, hypercholesterolemia), P2 (hypercholesterolemia + n-buthanol extract in the dose of 50 mg/kg bw), P3 (hypercholesterolemia + n-buthanol extract in the dose of 100 mg/kg bw), and P4 (hypercholesterolemia + n-buthanol extract in the dose of 150 mg/kg bw). The study showed that n-buthanol extract stem bark of Inocarpus fagiferus Fosb in the dose of 50 mg/kg bw was able to increase the expression of SOD-2 aortic endhotelial cells in wistar rats hypercholesterolemia significantly (p<0.05), but it was not significantly (p>0.05)  for SOD-3 expression.

Keywords: Inocarpus Fagiferus Fosb; Antiatherosclerosis; SOD-2; SOD-3; Hypercholesterolemia

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