Evaluation of Effect of Momordica Dioica Extract on Reproductive System of Male and Female Rats
Rajesh Pusuloori1, Pusuloori Radhika2 and Yakaiah Vangoori3

1Pharmacology- Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool. A.P.

2Obstetrics and Gynaecology- Chalmeda Anandarao Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar. Telangana.

3Pharmacology, Santhiram Medical College, Nandyal, Kurnool (dist). A. P.

Corresponding Author E-mail: drpusuloorirajesh@yahoo.co.in

Abstract: To determine the effect of ethanolic extract of Momordica Dioica on the fertility of male and female albino rats. 36 healthy Wister Rats (18 male and 18 female) weighing between 150-200g were selected, divided into Male and Female groups. Each category (male and female groups) contains 3 groups of 6 each. First group received distilled water and considered as control. The second, and third groups of animals were received ethanolic extract of Momordica Dioica orally at a dose of 250, 500, mg/kg body weight respectively for a period of 30 days. In male rats group, there was a substantial decrease in the sperm count, motility and a substantial reduction in sex hormones and fertility capacity reduction were observed. In female rats group, estrogen and progesterone hormone levels were reduced significantly. The decreased levels of sperm count, fertility capacity, in male rats, serum hormonal levels in female rats reveals the antifertility activity of Momordica Dioica in dose dependent manner.

Keywords: Momordica Dioica; Antifertility; Spermatogenesis; Estrogen; Testosterone; Progesterone

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