Dynamics of Locomotor Apparatus’ Indices of Preschoolers with Scoliosis of I-II Degree Against the Background of Medicinal Physical Training
Bikbulatova A. A.

Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia.

Corresponding Author E-mail: aabikbulatova@mail.ru

Abstract: For maximally efficient selection of scoliosis correction variants one should take into consideration the potential of each of them. We mean the dynamics of morpho-functional status of locomotor apparatus which is not fully studied yet. The dynamics of morphological and functional locomotor apparatus’ characteristics of 5-6-year children with scoliosis against the background of often applied in this case medicinal physical training is not yet fully studied too. In our research we tracked the dynamics of morphological and functional locomotor system’s peculiarities of 5-6-year old children with scoliosis of I-II degree against the background of regular medicinal physical training. It is established that living in Central Russia 5-6-year old children with scoliosis of I-II degree have typical symptoms of physical development inhibition. Because of that, they have lowering of somatometric indices, decrease of body muscles’ strength and level of their tolerance, and degree lowering of spinal column mobility. A course of medicinal physical training of these children with scoliosis for half a year can lower the evidence of spinal curvature, increase the strength and level of common tolerance of body muscles. However, it won’t ensure reaching the control level by these indices.

Keywords: Children; Preschool Age; Scoliosis; Correction; Morpho-Functional Characteristics; Medicinal Physical Training

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