Auditory Temporal Resolution Based Psychophysical Evaluation of Healthy Individuals Exposed to Desired and Undesired Conditioning
Sanjay H. S1, Bhargavi S2 and Dinesh P. A.3  

1Research Scholar, Jain University and Assistant Professor, Dept of Medical Electronics, MSRIT, Bangalore.

2Departmen of Telecommunication Engg, SJC Institute of Technology, Chikkaballapura.

3Department of Mathematics, MSRIT, Bangalore.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: Psychophysics and temporal resolution and often linked to each other. The ability of an individual to resolve a given sensory input temporally is the cue for a better perception of the same. While sensation could be from visual, tactile, olfactory or somatosensory, the present paper emphasizes on the assessment of the psychophysics of the temporal resolution of a given auditory input and hence the perception based analysis of the given set of individuals. 44 subjects of no known auditory pathological history have been considered for this study. Two categories of subjects namely employees of chemical industries and professional basketball players are considered for this experiment. The subjects are made to undergo two tests, Frequency Response Test (FRT) and Absolute Threshold Test (ATT). The results show a clear distinction between the two groups of study proving the variations in the auditory perception due to their exposure to solvents in chemical industries and because of the regular playing of basketball game on a professional front proving the effects of desired conditioning due to regular training in sports such as basketball and undesired conditioning due to occupation exposure to noise and solvents with respect to the psychophysical variations of auditory temporal resolution in human beings

Keywords: Psychophysics; Auditory Temporal Resolution; Frequency Response; Absolute Threshold; occupational exposure

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