Dynamics of Platelet Activity in 5-6-Year Old Children with Scoliosis Against the Background of Daily Medicinal-Prophylactic Clothes’ Wearing for Half A Year
Bikbulatova A. A1 and Andreeva E. G.2

1Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia.

2The Kosygin State University of Russia, Moscow, Russia.

Abstract: Five-six-year old children with scoliosis were noticed to have strengthening of platelets’ aggregative features against the background of typical signs of their physical development inhibition. Daily wearing of medicinal-prophylactic clothes was applied to the observed children for removal of scoliosis and thrombocytopathy signs. The dynamics of morpho-functional indices and platelet activity was traced during 6 months of its wearing by children with scoliosis. In conducted research the children with scoliosis who daily wore the author’s variant of medicinal-prophylactic clothes for half a year, were found to have evidence lowering of spinal curvature, increase of strength and tolerance of body muscles, gradual indices’ weakening of platelet aggregation. We can consider that daily wearing of designed medicinal-prophylactic clothes for half a year can provide removal of scoliotic phenomena and lowering of platelet activity level in children with scoliosis. It brings accountable indices nearer to control values.

Keywords: Children; preschool age; scoliosis; platelets; aggregation; medicinal-prophylactic clothes

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