Role of IRF6 Gene in Orofacial Clefting: A Systematic Review
Deepak Chandrasekharan1 and Arvind Ramanathan2

1Department of Orthodontics, Bharath University Chennai, India.

2Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital Bharath University Chennai, India.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: The search for the genetic etiology of non syndromic clefting has been pursued for some time now . Amongst the probable genes that could be involved in NSCLP , the IRF6 gene has shown to be linked .With  a lot of studies that have implicated the IRF6 gene to NSCLP ,there was a need to have a systematic review of the literature available and to find the association of IRF6 gene to NSCLP . The review was designed to search the common scientific search bases, Pubmeb , Cochrane and Science direct were chosen. Pub med direct displayed  27 , Science direct 50 and Cochrane 0 articles .Further using the specific inclusion criterias comprising   a, a direct association of the IRF6 gene mutation to  non syndromic orofacial clefting b, human subjects with Non Syndromic Orofacial Clefting , 3 articles were selected . The selected studies found a strong link between the IRF6 gene and  Non syndromic Orofacial clefting , reported from different populations around the world.

Keywords: IRF6 gene; Non syndromic clefting; Literature review

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