Dental Implants in Patients With Osteoporosis – A Review
Venkatakrishnan C. J1, S. Bhuminathan2, Chitraa R. Chandran1 and Sindhu Poovannan1

1Department of  Prosthodontics, Tagore Dental college.

2Department of  Prosthodontics, Sree Balaji Dental college.

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Abstract: Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease affecting the bone strength which deteriorates the bone mass, strength and affects the micro-architecture of the bone thus increasing the bone turn over and bone fragility. Osteoporosis also affects the jaw bones and Bisphosphonates are the first line of therapy. Hence, Osteoporosis is considered as a questionable condition for dental implant placement. However literature states that patients with osteoporosis do not appear to be at a significant risk of implant failure. Patients with Osteoporosis are not a contraindication for dental implants. This paper presents a review on Dental implants in patients with Osteoporosis.

Keywords: Dental Implants; Bone density; Osteoporosis; Implant stability

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