Impress of Betatrophin in the Treatment of Mice With Diabetes Type 1

Maysaa Jalal Majeed

Medicine College -Baghdad University, Baghdad-Iraq.

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Abstract: Betatrophin, is a new bioactive peptide of 198 amino acids, also known as ANGPTL8, is coded by the Gm6484 gene in mice liver and fat, betatrophinwhich recently found to promote a dramatic proliferation of pancreatic βcells in a S961 induced insulin resistance mouse model it is expressed in the, white and brown adipose tissue of mice. In humans, betatrophin is expressed in the liver. Evaluation of betatrophin as a treatment used for diabetes as an alternate treatment to insulin was studies in mice with type 1 diabetes and comparing the result with control group this study conclude that betatrophin lower blood sugar which lower necessity of depending the patient on insulin.

Keywords: Betatrophin; bioactive peptide; insulin; immunosorbent

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