Mangifera Indica Leaves Extract Effect on Liver Function in Experimental Animal Studies
Siva Kumar Nadella1 and Raveendra Kumar N2

 1Department of Pharmacology- Alluri Sitarama Raju Academy of Medical Sciences (ASRAM)-Eluru.

2Department of Pharmacology, Katuri Medical College-Guntur. A.P.

Abstract: This experimental study was undertaken to see the hepatoprotective activity of ethanol extract of Mangifera-indica dried leaves against CCl4 induced acute liver damage on albino rats. CCl4 (1ml/kg) significantly elevated the serum levels of biochemical markers like SGPT, SGOT, ALP, Total bilirubin, Protein and depleted antioxidant enzymes GSH  upon administration of CCl4 (1ml/kg) to albino rats. After treatment with MI leaf Extract (300mg/kg), MI leaf Extract (600mg/kg) for two weeks there is significantly reduced the elevated levels of biochemical markers mentioned above. These results suggest that this MI leaf Extract may have the potential therapeutic value in the treatment of CCl4 induced hepatic damage and some liver diseases. Hepatoprotective activity of this extract may be attributed to the anti-oxidant principles in it.

Keywords: Antioxidant; MI leaf Extract; CCl4; Liver damage; Silymarin; Hepatoprotective

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