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Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal (BPJ) is an international, peer reviewed quarterly research journal. The journal seeks to promote research, exchange of scientific information, consideration of regulatory mechanisms that affect drug development and utilization, and medical education in the challenging and evolving pharmaceutical and biomedical fields.  BPJ is abstracted and indexed in almost all reputed National and International agencies.

Abbreviation of Journal : Biomed. Pharmacol. J.
DOI Prefix : 10.13005
Frequency : Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
Published by : Oriental Scientific Publishing Company
Editor in Chief : Prof. Juei-Tang Cheng
Recent Articles - Volume 11, Number 2
Recent Trends in Medical Imaging Modalities and Challenges for Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Ramya Devi R and Anandhamala G. S.

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Towards the Design and Development of an Embedded System for Detecting Silent Aspiration

Anitha G, Sneha N and Krishnaraj A. P.  

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Biomedical Prediction of Radial Size of Powdered Element using Artificial Neural Network

Yaagyanika Gehlot1, Bhairvi Sharma1, P. Muthu1, Hariharan Muthusamy1 and S. Latha2  

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Radiographic Assessment of the Quality of Root Canal Treatments Performed by Practitioners with Different Levels of Experience

Abdulrahman Mudaysh Bajawi1, Sharafi Abdullah AL-Sagoor1, Ahmed Abdullah Alhadi1, Mohammed Abdullah Alhadi1, Mahmoud Y. Almasrahi2, Nabiel AL-Ghazali3 and Mohammed M. Al-Moaleem4  

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Brain Tumor Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

J. Seetha1 and S. Selvakumar Raja2  

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